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The predecessor of SHANGHAI FISHERIES GROUP CO., LTD.(SFGC) was Shanghai Fisheries Bureau, from which was changed to enterprise group in 1992 in the whole organizational system. SFGC is fully held by Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee. SFGC is a state-owned group corporation utilizing international fisheries resources with deepsea fishing and aquatic products trade and finely processing as core industry, consisting of over 30 wholly funded, holding or joint venture companies. Its total assets is 5 billion RMB and its annual comprehensive sales is 7 billion RMB.

SFGC owns over 80 assorted vessels currently, including large stern factory trawlers, tuna purse seiners, tuna longliners and others, with annual catch over 150,000 mt. Also it has set up 18 joint ventures or representative offices in 10 countries or regions, which has formed export-oriented arrangement. SFGC was awarded the Contribution Reward for Outward Investment Enterprise in Shanghai and is one of top 20 transnational operation enterprises in Shanghai. And it was accredited by ISO 9001:2000 in 2005.

SFGC is undertaking state-oceanic strategic plan aiming to construct and develop overseas fisheries industry and have the products returned to China thus improve the core competition of SFGC continuously to forge being a leading international fishing group .


Members of Board of Directors
Chairman : Mr. Xie Feng
Director :Mr. Wang Mingdong, Mr. Zhou Jingwang , Mr. Zhou Jing, Mr. Fu Weimin
Members of Board of Supervisors
Supervisor:Mr. Qian Ruixin,Mr. Tang Baolong , Mrs. Jiang Yanyan
Members of Office of President
President: Mr. Xie Feng
Vice President: Mr. Tang Wenhua, Mr. Ma Yun
Chief Financial Supervisor: Mr. Zhu Jihong
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